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     JNMPT has a sound operational mechanism of technological innovation and has built a mature domestic R&D platform series, including product research and development center, testing center, comprehensive test center, and information center. product research and development center has set up the basic design Platform with full responsibility for the research and development of the car decorative pieces. Due to using modern high technology, we greatly enhance the efficiency of the design, shorten the development cycle and improve the product quality. We also send the staff abroad for training, hire foreign experts and cooperate with the major OEM’s design and development department in a variety of ways to further enhance the independent research and development, integration and technical reserve capacity, these methods give our company strong technical support for long-term sustainable development.

Our product development capacity
1、Production and process development
2、Manufacturing feasibility study and analysis.
3、Assembly process programming and design.
4、Automotive plastics parts and components design and development.
5、mold and checking mold development and manufacture.
6、Project management

We have established the state-level post-doctorate scientific research workstation, existing  68 researchers, include 12 senior engineers,2 doctor, and 12 master .
Our  achievements:
43 patens, including 2 invention patents
--Insulating blow molding interceptor processing technology and product
--Automobile mould standardization design technique
Other innovative achievement——
--National-level key new product—— color bumper of GM Buick
--National torch plan—— color bumper panel of Shenlong Elysee
--National torch plan—— instrument board of Jinbei Granse
--National torch plan—— decorative parts assembly of Buick Excelle
In total——
--  4 national-level innovative achievements
--  12 province-level innovative achievements

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