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Lean manufacture & Lean management training
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In the spring of March 2019, JNPT held a one-day training on Lean Manufacturing & Lean Management at Life Island Hotel. The training brought together nearly 100 elites, covering the production operations, manufacturing lines of each branch, and finance of headquarters.

The training invited JNPT's old friends, former Shanghai Volkswagen general manager Dr. Welkener and his colleague Mr. Paul as lecturers. Dr. Welkener and Mr. Paul spoke to the participants about their valuable management experience in Poland and South Africa for decades.

 A company is only as good as its Management.” Dr. Welkener uses examples to illustrate the meaning of management. Management should understand how to motivate employees and master cross-departmental communication skills.

Mr. Paul gave a detailed introduction to theoretical knowledge such as Benchmarking and CIP, and gave many valuable suggestions on how to improve the company's competitiveness. Through examples, we can clearly explain how to apply the lean production concept to practical work, use limited resources to increase production capacity, and let everyone intuitively understand lean manufacturing.

In the afternoon, the two instructors set up a costing exercise in groups of trainees. Each group used the theoretical knowledge learned in the morning to combine with the actual situation of their company to actively discuss and express their opinions.

How to become the benchmark of the industry, the key is to improve the competitiveness of enterprises. Where is the competitiveness, the best productivity, the best quality, the best products! We believe that through this training, the company will take it to the next level in lean manufacturing and management.

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