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Year-end Summary Conferences for Year 2018 of JNMPT
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Looking back at 2018, along the direction of Chairman Cao, Mingfang, Chairman Cao, Kebo led us to strive for strength, JNMPT transformation and upgrading, expanding overseas is steadily advancing. We always keep in mind the enterprise spirit of “fear no hardship, suffering loss, and doing a little bit more”, and the core values of diligence, tolerance and continuous improvement. In 2018, we have achieved one achievement after another. In order to conscientiously summarize the work in 2018, accumulating achievements, inadequate understanding, clearing up ideas, and opening up the future, so as to lay a good foundation for our smooth work in the new year. January 30 to February 1, 2019, The 2018 Annual Summary Conference of JNMPT was solemnly held at Life Island Hotel in Jiangyin. Mr. CAO, Kebo, Chairman and General Manager of JNMPT, and the heads of various functional departments at the headquarters, the core management personnel of various molecular companies, the university students who joined the company in 2018 and the representatives of outstanding employees attended the meeting.

The conference is divided into four parts: thematic discussion and report, year-end summary meeting, group company summary, group company dinner party. Through group discussion and summary sharing, the participants were divided into four groups, focusing on the main topic of "cost reduction and efficiency enhancement", the sub-topic of "environment and safety, culture and talent", to conduct group discussions. Each group member based on their own position, from the actual situation of the company, made speeches on the topic, expressed their own opinions, and provided suggestions for the development of the company. After a heated discussion, each group combed the contents of the discussion into a summary and made a presentation by the spokesperson of the group.

On the afternoon of February 1, the 2018 Summary Conference of JJ Group officially began. The core management of the group and the general managers of each branch have made a summary of their work in 2018 and a report on their work plan in 2019. CAO Mingfang, chairman of JJ Group, commented on the group's report: “We hope that in the new year, according to the six Chinese words of Focus, Challenge and leading, we can show the characteristics of our modern management enterprises. I hope that the difficulties we are facing can be solved in this spirit and we can do better in the new year!” CAO Kebo, chairman of JNMPT, also commented and made a concluding statement at the meeting: "Only if you are not afraid of hardship, you create the possibility of making more money in the future. Society and enterprises are developing, and we should open up from top to bottom, because we are a global enterprise, experience sharing is to reduce costs, we need to learn from each other, challenge and respect."

On the evening of February 1, the performance officially began in the banquet hall of Life Island Hotel. With the passionate speech of Mr. CAO Kebo, Chairman of JNMPT, we raised our glasses sincerely and warmly to bring participates into a happy world, and the evening party was officially opened. The evening party combines imitation shows, songs, dances, exotic customs and other elements, the program is brilliant, the applause is constant, multiple lottery and other interactive links are pushed to the climax of the evening party. The evening ended with a happy melody of the song "Focus, Challenge, Leading".

The fruitful year of 2018 has passed, and the promising year of 2019 has set sail. Let's continue to work hard and forge ahead hand in hand to open a new era in the history of JNMPT.

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