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2018 Employee Training Summary Report
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The annual new employee training activity is a fine tradition that JNMPT has continued for many years. It is a platform for the company to create a corporate culture and showcase new employees. The 2018 new employee training activities were successfully completed with the attention and support of the leaders at all levels of the company. Now review the process of organization and implementation of the entire training activities, sum up the lessons learned, in order to achieve "the training is annual, there are progress every year."

  • Overview of training

  1. The number of participants

    The training received positive response from the headquarters and subsidiaries. The number of participants reached 105, which is the highest in history. The scope of the participants is the new employees at the headquarters, the representatives of the 2018 graduates of the subsidiaries, and the representatives of the new employees.

  2. Overview of the training process

    The training time is from July 24th to July 27th, 2018. It is the highest temperature in the year. The training activities are divided into indoor and outdoor, but whether it is indoor or outdoor, the discipline of the participants and team awareness They are very strong and the overall ability and quality are also very good. With the deepening of the company's internationalization process, the overall competence of the company's new employees is constantly improving, which provides a reliable resource guarantee for the company to establish a talented team with an international vision.

  3. Training course setting

     In order to pay attention to the effectiveness of the knowledge learning and acceptance of the participants, this training selected a general training course closely related to the work of the staff. The course content includes: history of enterprise development, corporate culture, career planning, quality system, military training, and efficiency. Workplace communication, lean concept sharing, expansion, visits by molecular companies, and visits to the company's exhibition halls. The four-day training activities are compact and diverse in form, so as to maximize the effect of training.

  • Summary Evaluation

  1. The training activities are well prepared, the rhythm progress is properly grasped, and the activity options are well-ordered. the training lectures for the instructors are carefully prepared for course and courseware review, and the time and on-site control ability of the lecturers during the lectures are strong, but the lectures are given. There is also a need for professional improvement in skills, which is also a place for improvement.

  2. At the same time, the employees participating in the training are enthusiastic, the overall quality is excellent, the discipline is strict, and the activities are promoted smoothly.

  3. Due to the tight schedule of this event, participants only visited Jiangyin Daoda. The training staff overcame the difficulties such as the sultry environment of the workshop. They always lined up to follow the explanation staff and actively communicated with them, and took the initiative to understand the production process of the workshop. The lecturers were unanimously recognized and praised by the colleagues of the branch. Everyone has more expectations for the next visit to other companies in the company.

  • Promotion and Improvement

  1. Standardize the visit process and refine the visit management regulations, such as the visit to the loudspeakers, and clearly define the scope of the introduction of the introducers to the new employees, so that the new employees have a holistic and clear view of the overall situation of the factory and the production process. To understanding.

  2. If there are more than 100 participants in the follow-up training, two training classrooms can be set up to improve the training environment and improve the training effect.

  3. Think more about the details of the employee experience and make continuous improvement. When employees participate in the training activities, they will enhance their sense of identity and belonging to the company, making the on-the-job training activities an unforgettable memory for new employees.

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