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Work hard for 30 years, work together to create the future
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On June 20th, JNMPT successfully held the 30th Anniversary Celebration of Jiangnan Mould & Plastic Technology Automobile Industry in Wuhan Mingjie. The celebration aims to encourage employees to continue to carry forward the hard work of entrepreneurship and create a better tomorrow for the company through the review of the company's 30 years of entrepreneurial development. The celebrations included the chairman of the group, Mr. CAO, Mingfang, the chairman of JNMPT CAO, Kebo, the general manager of each group of the group, and the main leaders of the companies. The event was also fortunate to invite the main leaders of Shanghai Volkswagen to participate.

Looking back on the company's 30 years of hard work, Chairman CAO, Mingfang delivered an important speech on the theme of "Celebration and Reflection". Under the outstanding leadership of Chairman C AO, Mingfang, the group has overcome all kinds of difficulties and overcomes one development challenge after another, and has achieved today's achievements. Based on the present and looking forward to the future, JNMPT will continue to uphold the corporate mission of “all customer-centric” and lead the development trend of automotive accessories.

The protagonist of the celebration is the WS3200T large injection molding machine, which is the first imported large injection molding machine. For 30 years, it has been a witness to the growth of JNMPT and a practitioner of JNMPT development. After 30 years of operation and migration, it is still serving in Wuhan Mingjie and continues to make new contributions to the company's development.

With the fifth million bumpers off the assembly line, the scene was pushed to a climax. The guests at the scene witnessed this commemorative moment together. Chairman CAO, Mingfang and General Manager CAO, Kebo invited the former Shanghai Volkswagen leader and foreign guest DR. Welkener to take the stage to cut the ribbon for the celebration and take a group photo. Subsequently, Chairman C AO, Kebo gave a warm speech and reviewed the cooperation and friendship between the company and Shanghai Volkswagen in the 30 years of hard development and entrepreneurship.

In the afternoon, Jiangyin Mould &Plastic Group and Jiangnan Mould &Plastic Technology participated in the Corporate Culture Summit. At the beginning of the meeting, Zhao Zhengping, the head of the Corporate Culture Working Group and the general manager of Wuhan Mingjie, gave a welcome speech and recalled the bits and pieces of the company's 30 years of growth and development. During the period, Chairman Cao Mingfang made a warm comment. Afterwards, the general managers of various molecular companies spoke on the topic of “30 years of hard work and start-up of the group”. Finally, Chairman Cao Mingfang said that he would like to thank the accompanying group of employees who have come along the way, and to continue to maintain a non-arrogant attitude, and move forward. General Manager Cao Kebo also made important instructions to share with the participants on the three dimensions of “learning, innovation, and being a man”. At the same time, employees were not afraid of hardship, kept their work vitality and status, and constantly challenged themselves.

Thirty years of hard work, 30 years of unremitting persistence, created the enterprise spirit of " fear no hardship, suffering loss, fulfilling duties faithfully and uncomplainingly, positively", 30 years of honor and disgrace, 30 years of continuous innovation, created "diligence, tolerance, continuity Improve the core values. In today's glory, don't forget your heart and move on!

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