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JNMPT holds 2018 safety management seminar
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In order to firmly establish the concept of "life first, safe development", implement the responsibility of enterprise safety production, comprehensively improve the level of safety production management, enhance the safety awareness of all employees, and promote the stable and stable development of JNMPT and various companies, June 6 On the 8th, the security department of JNMPT Human Resources Center took the opportunity of “Safe Production Month” to organize safety and environmental management personnel of various companies to hold safety management seminars in Shenyang Minghua. The seminar invited the teacher of Nande Certification Testing (China) Co., Ltd. ZHU, Rongrong to participate.

At the meeting, SHEN Guorong, manager of the security department of JNMPT, pointed out that leaders at all levels of JNMPT attach great importance to and pay attention to safety and environmental protection. At present, the state puts forward higher standards and stricter requirements for safety and environmental protection work. Because some of the JNMPT companies have established factories earlier, the safety and environmental protection pressures of enterprises are relatively large, but in order to build intrinsically safe and environment-friendly enterprises, the molecular company Active rectification and continuous improvement. Our grassroots security and environmental management personnel must perform their duties conscientiously, proceed from the details, and continuously improve, and eliminate all kinds of hidden dangers in the bud.

At the seminar, Nande certified teacher Zhu Rongrong combined with the hidden dangers discovered by various companies in the first half of 2018, and focused on special equipment management, electricity safety management, hazard source management, hazardous chemicals management, and related laws and regulations. At the same time, all participants were divided into three groups to carry out simulation review at Shenyang Minghua site, and conducted a briefing and on-site exchange analysis on the problems found in the inspection. Teacher Zhu combined with the inspection of the members of each group to conduct safety inspection and inspection and inspection.

Participants said that the safety management seminar has promoted the communication between the safety management personnel of various companies, and can learn the highlights of each company's management, learn from each other's strengths, and constantly improve the weak links and promote accidents in the daily management process of their respective companies. The rectification of hidden dangers is conducive to the development of safety and environmental protection work, thereby further improving the safety of molding technology and environmental management.

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