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2018 JNMPT New Graduates Management & Lean Production Special Training
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October 11 and 12, 2018, a golden autumn season, coming with the fragrance of osmanthus spreading in the air. In this beautiful scenery, the JNMPT Business Building which is located in the foot of the Jilong Mountain are full of vigor and vitality. People here sometimes have a war of words, sometimes a talk with cheer and humor. Furthermore, the communication with standard and fluent English also adds to the international flavor.

A longtime friend of JNMPT, Dr. Welkener, the former general manager of Shanghai Volkswagen, came to Jiangyin to share his own valuable management experience with nearly 50 new graduates in 2017 and 2018.

Dr. Welkener's sharing of ideas and knowledge, such as Lean Manufacturing and CIP, has enabled new graduates to have a vivid and visualized understanding of lean production and continuous improvement. These time-honored management tools have constructed the structure of management thinking for the new graduates.

“Seeing is believing(眼见为实)”.  Nearly 50-year management experience of Dr. Welkener has perfectly explained this concept. In this training, Dr. Welkener listed the actual management highlights of a Polish factory while describing the perfect management blueprint. A factory that has been built for 20 years, but still maintains the same standard work and management environment as the first day it’s found. For the communication topic mentioned by graduates, Dr. Welkener recalled his instance of how to improve communication skills in the career and emphasized the importance of cross-departmental and cross-functional communication.

Dr. Welkener, who is well versed in philosophy, also agrees with the importance of “give the man by the fishing”. Throughout the whole training process, Dr. Welkener focused on listening and guidance, without any empty preaching, and paid more attention to the development and divergence of graduates' thinking. Limited by their age and experience, new graduates may are not able to fully understand and digest the essence of Dr. Welkener's management, but the first time to do it right, later to digest and reflection , finally, a qualitative leap will come into being.

The new graduates are the future and hope of JNMPT. We are looking forward to shoulder our mission, continuously forging ahead and making progress for a brilliant future!

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