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Boosting cooperation between BMPT and BBAC
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Boosting cooperation between BMPT and BBAC

Vice President Mr. Robert Cao meets BBAC Quality Team

Vice President Mr. Robert Cao meets with Mr. Heinz-Werner Marx, Quality Management Vice President of BBAC to strengthen cooperation and enhance mutual trust at Plant 2, BMPT, Aug 16th, 2017.

BEIJING, China- Mr. Heinz-Werner Marx and Malte Dornseifer paid a visit to BMPT on Wednesday, Aug 16th, 2017 and valued the performance of Plant II, BMPT. The management team - Vice President Mr. Robert Cao, General Manager Mr. Grant Zhu, Mr. Zhang Yu, Mr. Peter Schueller, Ms. Lily Dong, Mr. Zhao Zhongping and Mr. Sun Xinchun, CEO of Minghua, extended warmly welcome to the distinguished guests. The visit is expected to push forward the implementation of new projects and deepen cooperation between BMPT and BBAC.

Mr. Peter Schueller made an overall presentation on introduction to BMPT and JJ Group (Jiangyin Mould & Plastic Group), with details on product development, R&D Networking, Project Management, innovation of industrialization, deeper localization of supply chain, etc.

After the presentation, the distinguished guests took a plant tour to Plant II with the management team. The guests are impressed with the state of art equipment, orderliness on site, laboratory equipment and morale of motivated employees. Over the past years, the successful practice of Quality Control, In-time delivery and cost down activities of has won the continuous recognition of BBAC and BMPT has won the Special Award 2016 of BBAC.

Both BBAC and BMPT consider each other as an important partner and are committed to deepening cooperation in the coming years. Mr. Robert Cao has highlighted trust-building and cooperation between the two sides in the meeting. It bears great significance for the two sides to strengthen strategic communication and elevate their impact on electric & gas engine vehicles.


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