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JMPT Held 2017 Safety Workshop
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To implement the responsibility of safety production of all plants, improve the safety production management and realize the sustainable safety production, the 2017 Safety Workshop was held by JMPT from August 1st to 3rd. More than 20 people including all the safety supervisors and officers from all plants attended the workshop. Mr. Wei Xiaoyong from TÜV SÜD Certification and Inspection Co., Ltd. was specially invited.

The workshop can be divided into three parts. Firstly, the Safety Department notified the potential safety issues of each plant and all plants shared their safety management highlights; secondly, Mr. Wei gave a lecture on hazardous chemical and occupation health safety management according to related management requirement and communicated with attendees on the problems existing in the company; thirdly, after listening to the notification of the safety inspection results in the safety meeting, General Manager Robert Cao and top management drew up a plan for the safety production of the next phase.

In the workshop, safety supervisors and officers discussed actively, especially on some problems they encountered in daily management, for example, the non-native staff management, daily maintenance of fire-fighting equipment, occupation health safety management, hazardous chemical (hazardous waste) management, mutual inspection inside the group, safety meeting, etc., and proposed corresponding improvement suggestions for the reference of all plants. 

In the safety meeting, managers of all plants promised to improve the safety production and infer other corrective actions from one. Safety should be emphasized among all the company staffs, especially the management needs to strengthen the safety supervision, because there is nothing unimportant about safety.

At last, Robert Cao pointed out lessons should be learned from the safety accidents in other companies and keep the alarm bell ringing. The top management should have the sense of safety and urgency, supervise the key safety points directly and reinforce the safety responsibility. In addition, the healthy competition environment and efficient incentive mechanism should be established by inviting a third party to inspect the safety environment and combining the inspection results with KPI. Meanwhile safety supervisors and officers should improve their professional competence to enhance the safety management of the company. 

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