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BBMPT, a Shareholding Company of JMPT, Won the 2017 Special Award of BBAC
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On July 27, 2017, BBAC held 2017 Supplier Day at Beijing Yanqi Lake International Exhibition & Convention Center. BBMPT, a shareholding company of Jiangnan Mold & Plastic Technology Company, was granted a Special Award for the great contribution on waterborne paint technology to BBAC. On behalf of BBMPT, Robert Cao, the Chairman and General Manager of Jiangnan Mold & Plastic Technology Company (hereinafter referred to as JMPT), accepted the award.

Robert Cao is taking the stage to accept the award (the right person is Robert Cao)

Through long term cooperation, JMPT has made great contributions to Mercedes Benz in many aspects, such as: localization, synchronous product development and constantly lowering cost since it entered China ten years ago, becoming a strategic partner of BBAC.

 The expert panel of Benz evaluated Shenyang Minghua of JMPT in 2007, when Shenyang Minghua had just completed the localization for rocker panel project of BMW Brilliance. Upon conducting an overall investigation and assessment of the company's equipment, technology and management, the expert panel of Benz decided to give the first domesticated car of Class C, W204 project and the exterior trimming parts, the bumper and the edge beam assembly of the subsequent cars of Class E to Shenyang Minghua and required to use the waterborne paint technology at the same time. At that time, with a large quantity of investments for the paint shop’s construction finished, JMPT spent another 30 million on the waterborne paint equipment to meet the demands of Benz customer. By 2009, by means of technical reformation, Shenyang Minghua had realized the waterborne paint technology smoothly, thus satisfying the technical and quality requirements of Benz customer. 

 In 2008, Beiqi Hainachuan and JMPT jointly established BBMPT. Robert Cao, the Chairman of JMPT, promised to Benz that BBMPT would conduct dedicated investments for the production line of the waterborne paint when the annual output of BBAC was up to 100 thousand cars. In September 2009, the second factories of BBMPT started construction. By July 2012, through ten months’ efforts, through hiring suppliers with first-rate facilities of plastic exterior trimming parts coating industry in Europe, BBMPT had built the most advanced production line in the world and BBAC GLC model X204 project was successfully put into production. In that year, BBMPT was covered in the Benz Global Supplier magazine, referred to as the model of practitioners with "German quality, China speed".

In 2013, a new generation Benz C-class car V205 was developed; under the tense conditions that the overall development time of the project was only 12 months, BBMPT, BBAC and Daimler’s China Team worked together, smoothly realized the mass production on time, and promoted domestic cooperation, saving much import costs for BBAC. In 2014, BBMPT was published in the Benz Global Supplier magazine again for the success of new C-class cars, and was awarded 2013 BBAC Special Contribution.

The second person on the left is Robert Cao

 In the press release of BBAC supplier conference in 2017, Benz praised BBMPT highly: "Besides that, a Special Award is also set up and is given to a benchmarking supplier who have great contributions to BBAC〞. That BBMPT was awarded the top Special Award of 2017 BBAC Supplier Conference was the great achievements of the early strategic investment in JMPT and the long-term strategic cooperation with Mercedes-Benz. Only subsidiaries of JMPT have mastered the waterborne paint coating technology among peer companies at present. In the meantime, JMPT has met the requirements of BBAC constantly since 2014, and has all successfully achieved the localization in chrome parts, equipment, tooling, mold, etc.. Among them, chrome parts produced by subsidiaries of JMPT have been exported to Europe, supporting European markets of German Daimler Benz. At present, JMPT continues to go deep into the localization development in raw materials, paints and other aspects.

The second person on the left is Robert Cao

JMPT and BBAC will go forward side by side complying with The Best or Nothing, the slogan of Mercedes Benz. A global benchmarking plant will be established through integration of German R&D Center, deep localization and automation in the field of product development, cost optimization and lean manufacture. In accordance with the core value, Diligence, Tolerance and Continuous Improvement of JMPT, BBMPT will fully support the sustainable growth of Benz in China.

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