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Craftsmanship & Brilliant One million--BBMPT attended the BBAC One Millionth Vehicle Offline Ceremony
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BBAC hit the one millionth milestone on November 17, 2016. Robert Cao, vice-president of BBMPT, was invited to attend the BBAC One Millionth Vehicle Offline Ceremony, witnessing the historical moment.

Over the last eleven years, BBAC has grown rapidly with its staying true to the mission. They embraced the challenge, kept the resolve, pursued innovation and strove for excellence, interpreting the craftsmanship of tanacity, persistence, concentration and perfection and influencing more and more Chinese automotive manufacturers to develop with big strides. Creat a New Era, Dedicated to Craftsmanship--Eleven years’ endeavor of BBAC accompolished the one million vehicles, which mainly relied on the persistence in quality and inheritance of craftsmanship. At this honorable moment of BBAC, as one of its spare parts suppliers, BBMPT has provided one million sets of bumpers and other spare parts for BBAC. 

In 2007, some contradictions inside BBAC were increasingly obvious, such as the low capacity of production and sale and automotive spare parts matching rate and weak supply system. To form a professional spare parts production system, the joint venture company, BBMPT, was co-founded by the strategic collaboration between Beijing Automotive Industry Corp (BAIC) and Jiangnan Mold & Plastic Technology Co., Ltd. (JNMPT).With the leading position of JNMPT in the market of automotive bumpers, BBMPT became the strategic spare parts supplier of BBAC and the exclusive bumper supplier for its automotive exterior parts system. As the founder of JNMPT which now is the niche market leader of automotive exterior system, Mr. Cao Mingfang adheres to the craftsmanship and leads the company to develop from a small candle plant to the supplier of an international premium car brand. More than 30 years’ business experience demonstrates Mr. Cao Mingfang’s real craftsmanship. From a common township enterprise to the first Sino-foreign joint township enterprise in Jiangsu Province, from daily chemical products to automotive spare parts, to health and medical service, every step implies Mr. Cao Mingfang’s unique bravery, wisdom and especially his craftsmanship of --No Fear of Hardship, Suffering Loss and Doing a Little Bit More.

At the glorious moment, BBMPT hereby congratulates BBAC on becoming the first vehicle manufacturer in China to win the Factory of 2016 Global Excellence in Operations—the Best Large-scale Manufacturer. This prize was co-founded by A.T. Kearney Consulting Management Firm and Produktion in 1992 with the goal of finding and commending global excellent manufacturers. As one of the excellent suppliers of BBAC, BBMPT was awarded the prize of the 2013 BBAC Special Contribution.


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