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2016 New Staff Training of JNMPT
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On July. 19 of 2016, 98 staff from headquarters and underling subsidiary corporations gathered to Zhouzhuan, Jiangyin city and opened a lasting four-day training activity in order to help new staff finish role shift from student to employee, promote their understanding of the enterprise as well as adapt to their operating post and integrate into enterprise as soon as possible.

The training was arranged, organized and carried out by HRM center. On the opening ceremony, Han Mingrui, the vice director of HRM center, on behalf of the company, expressed warm welcome and cordial greetings to new staff. Many courses had been taught, and for new staff, a series of courses set a firm foundation for the following work in plants by arming themselves with knowledge.

The second section of the training agenda comes with a sonorous slogan of military training. “Soldiers” in the military training were carefully instructed by drillmasters and made a great progress from uncoordinated movement to neat and uniform. They became an all-conquering team and were ready to devote themselves to the latter work.

Huang Xiaozhong, a third-party consultant, was invited to instruct a leadership training item. By a series of games, staff had a new understanding about communication and cooperation, resource utilization and thinking innovation in team work.

On the last day, new staff had a visit to subsidiary corporations, During the visit, staff deepened their knowledge of the enterprise, enhanced their senses of group honor, responsibility and mission. In the closing ceremony, staff shared actively their feelings and experiences. With the coming of the evening celebrating party, the new staff training came to an end.

Gone are the days when we first gathered in Jiangyin, but the steps of going ahead will never stop. Best wishes to every new staff for a better future and development together with JNMPT.


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