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Safety workshop
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   From June. 22 to June. 24 of 2016, a three-day safety workshop was held in BQMPT of Beijing leaded by HR department of MPT, according to the plan of safety production month, to further strengthen the awareness of safety red line, to promote safety management level of each subsidiary corporation, and to facilitate the sustainable and healthy development of safety production situation of the enterprise. Gao Yonghui, the director and auditor of TUV SUD Certification and Testing (China) Co. Ltd., was invited to preside over the meeting, meanwhile, about 20 people took part in the meeting, including leaders, managers and staff from safety management department of each subsidiary corporation of MPT.

   Before the workshop, Zhu Xiaohua, the general manager of BQMPT of Beijing proposed requirements and expectations to safety production in the hope of intensifying safety management experience exchanges among subsidiary corporations and promoting safety management level of the enterprise through various safety trainings and workshops.

   The main agenda of this workshop includes, the construction of the system of safety production of the enterprise and explanation about related laws and regulations, the analysis of safety inspections to production sites, the manoeuvre of emergencies on production sites. Members in the workshop interacted actively with instructors as well as discussed and consulted some questions regarding the daily safety management.

   “Emergency measures on production sites”, as the main content of the workshop, aims to render staff form an instinctive reaction to emergencies and make measures immediately according to the pre-arranged planing. In view of actual situation on sites, the manoeuvre simulated two types of dangerous situations in which members drew up emergency blue prints and allotted duties randomly. Emergency manoeuvre carried out creatively tested members’ abilities to emergency processing and provided new manoeuvre patterns to each subsidiary corporations. It laid the form foundation for further carrying out emergency manoeuvres and promoting abilities to emergency processing.


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