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The second-season enterprise cultural activity of JNMPT
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    On June. 26 of 2016, the second-season enterprise cultural activity of JNMPT was held in Jiangnan Business Building in order to support cultural activity and enhance humanistic care of enterprise. Doctors from Mingci Hospital of Wuxi were invited to give a lecture regarding health knowledge and impart health care methods on site, and staff of each functional department in Headquarter took part in the activity.

   On site of the activity, experts from Mingci Hospital gave a deep and thoughtful lesson about multiple topics, such as lifestyles and prevention of chronic diseases, harms of sedentariness and health instructions, aerobic exercise in offices and prevention of spinal diseases, etc. Staff presented in the activity actively asked various questions related to health and gained patient answers from the experts. They expressed satisfactorily that it was very convenient to get helps and instructions from experts remaining within doors. Meanwhile, the expert group from Mingci Hospital showed that they were glad to provide such health education and instructions for colleagues once again from which colleagues can enjoy the high-quality medical resources from our enterprise.

    Enterprise culture, as business philosophy and principle of enterprise, is the source of core competitiveness of the enterprise and plays an important role in the development of the enterprise. Successful enterprise culture is an indispensable condition to make the enterprise be alive and possess the self-improvement ability and promote the core competitiveness. Excellent enterprise culture can render staff have a sense of belonging and a common knowledge of values so as to attract and retain talents to promote competitiveness of business. In a word, this activity is not only an ordinary health training, but more importantly a practice of enterprise based on the idea of enterprise culture, namely, Human-centered.


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