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A Successful Conclusion of “MSKJ New Employees Orientation Training” in 2014
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    From 21stJul to 25th Jul, Jiangnan Mould & Plastic Technology Co., LTD has organized a series of new employees orientation training activities, including basic cognition and operation system training ,factories visits, professional quality and outdoor training, etc. These activities are designed to help new employees understand corporate culture and integrate into the group with full enthusiasm as soon as possible. Company leaders pay great attention to the training. There are about 90 new employees and interns from headquarter and all branches who attend the training.
Sharing•movement——Special session
    At the beginning of the training, HR & Admini Director Mr. Liu Xingang made a welcome speech on behalf of the headquarter . He shared the talent echelon construction concept raised by general manager Mr. Cao with new employees. “Excellent entrepreneurs lead excellent professional managers. Excellent professional managers train extraordinary team leaders, extraordinary leaders train outstanding graduates. Good corporate culture attracts and retains good talents. Good talents create high value.
    Mr. Liu Xingang, as head of the activity and human resources management center, also works as the training lecturer, teaches us 《team building》. He emphasizes that, whether the team-building is good, symbolizes whether the subsequent development of a company is strong, also
Fully dispays cohesion and combat effectiveness of the company. He encourages the employees to continuously strengthen team construction and improve performance in order to dedicate all his enthusiasm for the company in their future work.
    Deputy director of human resources center, Mr. Han Mingrui made a speech to new employees, hoping them make good planning of their life and career, have a strong sense of career and treat work as a career to pursue.He notes that, it needs lots of internal and external factors to achieve a career. We need not only look up to the starry sky but also need to come down to the earth. In addition, we need to be good at study, study diligently and lay a good foundation for future development.
    At the special training meeting, director Cao liangqing of JMPG told attendees of the entrepreneurial spirit and team spirit、corporate culture of Jiangnan Molding Group with simple words combining his own experience.    In order to let everyone learn more about management, leaders of administration department, Yantai Mingyue agency and quality control management teaches new employees about expense management, production technical process and quality management process respectively. Learning enthusiasm of new employees makes a warm atmosphere. 
Planning•Future——visits and interaction
    On the morning of 22nd July, new employees visits Jiangyin Jingli Machinery and Jiangyin Laifu hotel under organization of company. They are amazed by the diversified development of industry and their confidence for JMPG increases.
    In the afternoon, Mr. Shen Guorong, manager of the safety department teaches about production safety management and reappears potential danger through real cases. Wu hao, director assistant of human resources center made career development planning and interactive sharing with trainees during which he helped the new staff learn more about molding the overall architecture and be familiar with job responsibilities of each department in Jiangnan Moulding Company.
Sunshine•Unity¬——Outward Bound
    23th July-24th July, new employees accomplished all kinds of outdoor activities excellently in Wuxi Muwan Orchard development base, including high altitude jump bridge, raft boat race, live and die together, trust fall, run together, etc. High altitude jump bridge is a big challenge for everybody. A small step high in the sky is a big step to conquer fear in our life. Successful members shares words with others,“ The most important thing in this activity is faith. If you believe in yourself, then you can succed.
    During the two days of outdoor training, there is touchment and confidence in addition to laughter and sweat. The power of team makes us overcome all kinds of difficulties and help us understand trust and cooperation、communication and responsibility、gratitude and beyond.
Through this outward bound, new employees feels the importance of teamwork and  trust and positive communication within the team. It lays a good foundation for them to give full play to team strength and communication coordination.
Harvest, prospect—Summary recognition
    At the training concluding meeting of 25th,July, new employees expressed their determination to fulfill job responsibilities and make contribution to corporation development with a simple and grateful attitude. At the end of the meeting, director Liu xingang and deputy director Han mingrui awarded honorary certificates and prizes to best new employees and best performers.
    Talents training is the most important thing in corporation strategic development. Looking forward to the future, Jiangnan moulding& plastic com.,ltd will keep on employee training and expand employees’horizon, strengthen the cohesion and promote overall development.


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