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Robert Cao, Chairman of MSKJ, attends first official meeting for Sion-Germany economic consultative committee
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    The first official meeting for Sion-Germany economic consultative committee is held in Beijing Great Hall of the people in the morning of 7th July, Li Keqing, premier of the State Council, Merkel who is the president of Germany on visiting in China at present, and committee members attend this meeting. Mr Robert Cao who is Chairman of MSKJ, the member of Sino-Germany consultative committee and chairman of the chamber of commerce for Globe Wuxi merchant alliance , also attend this meeting. He actively drives strategy cooperation relationship for Sino-Germany technology, and has long term cooperation relation with a lot of Germany companies such as Benz,BMW, Volkswagen etc
    In the meeting, Robert Cao shares his feelings and experience on investment to Germany of MSKJ. He stresses that due to the different of history culture and social economic bases, it should be full of respect for culture habit to both sides as well as focus on the culture blending during the investment and cooperation by Sino-Germany enterprise. He proposes that enterprises of two countries should hold tolerate cooperative attitude, and two wins value. He also suggest to the both premiers that government of Chinese and Germany should actively guide to the building of enterprise culture on investment place for creating social integration environment and localization operation which will boost deeply economic cooperation for both countries.
    In addition, Robert Cao also expresses that he will continuously deepen the various of cooperation projects with Germany companies on technology and investment in future, and contribute the responsibility of a listed company for extending strategic partnership between Sino-Germany. 


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