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2014“Business etiquette” training successfully hold by MSKJ
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    In order to improve the professional quality and business etiquette for administrative staff and build up excellent corporate image, MSKJ successful hold “business etiquette” training  in the headquarter, which 60 participates attended who were from functional departments of headquarter and branch companies. 
    Specialist Mrs Liu Wei who is a senior lecturer in  Wuxi Max planck enterprise management company, and senior professional trainer in Australia training bureau gave the lecture. Mrs Liu won a lot of applause from all trainees with clear thought and vivid cases in popular and easy to understand language. She made a lot of laughter in the training class by her humorous teaching style.
    Through this training, trainees learned professional etiquette, trans-cultural etiquette, visiting etiquette, reception , telephone etiquette, and handshake etiquette etc. They fully display the personal professional image and personality charm by the combining theory narration and demonstration for correct acquiring the norm of business etiquette with scenarios show and interact activity.
  “Your image is the brand of enterprise, which is a kind of service, a kind of propagandize and a kind of benefit”;”dressing in the workplace should be harmonize with surroundings, your society role, your own condition, and right season”;”Charm need get refined internally and externally in the body and spirit””Quality and educated shape your charm”. All sentences came from Mrs Liu and will deeply flow into trainees’ hearts.
    Employees systematically learned characteristic, requirements and standards about modern business courtesy, which they enhanced their professional quality. All employees expressed that they gained a lot from this training, and would establish a good business courtesy foundation for the commercial activities and business negotiation in future.  

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