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MSKJ won the best A-share listed company in Wuxi in 2013
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    Finance office of Wuxi government conduced comprehensive abilities competition to 42 A –share list companies in Wuxi (including Jiangyin, Yijia) for 2013 allying the listed company association of Wuxi city and Finance office of Jiangyin city on 28th of May 2014. Taking market value management, social contribution, return from investors, capital operation and supervision as evaluation standard, this competition was carried out multiple comprehensive appraisal, setting two parts award including comprehensive ranking and individual ranking.  
    Joint issued by finance office of Wuxi and listed company association in Wuxi on 18th of June 2014, which award honor to excellent listed companies. MSKJ won the second price for best A-share listed company in Wuxi 2013 relying outstanding performance on profitability, local contribution and return from investors.     
    Under the leadership of board of directors, business performance for each operation made breakthrough, which achieved 258 million RMB for operating profit rising 42.65% on the year to year basis.  Pushing by great growth of profit and capital operating, attention from investors gets obviously enhanced that market value has top speed rise to the 2.75 billion RMB in the end of year from 1.7 billion RMB at the beginning of the year increasing 61.76%. Meanwhile, MSKJ seriously performed responsibilities and obligations to the shareholder, employees and customer making great efforts contribute to the society.  

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