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MSKJ buy 49% equity of “Wixi Hongyi” hold by “Jiangyin Mould & Plastics Group ”
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    With favored policy constantly issued, private hospital industry gradually becomes a focus by the public. In order to response to the call of nation, make full use of the favored policy by the government, optimize industry structure and get growth points from new profit, Mingci hospital was invested at 300million RMB in April 2013 by Wuxi Hongyi company which is the subsidiary company of Jiangnan Mould &Plastics Company.
    On third of April 2014, combined with network method, the first extraordinary shareholders meeting in 2014 was held. The meeting passed “the bill regarding on buying 49% equity from Wuxin Hongyi Company ” , which Broad of Director will buy 49% equity of Wixu Hongyi hold by Mould& Plastics Group at 415 million RMB, that means Mingci Hospital will be a wholly-owned subsidiary company of MSKJ so MSKJ indirectly have 100% holding after purchase completion.  
    There are two advantages for this purchase: one side, it will be favor of optimizing the resource structure for the listed-company so that build a premium image in capital market by reducing relevant deal and protecting investors’ equities at maximum limit, to enhance the independence of listed-company; on the other side, it will be suitable to realize the diversity development strategy for the company and further increase capacity for continuous running and profitability that provides new and more powerful subsequent guarantee for long-term and stable development in future.
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