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Training of “effective skill for communication” in MSKJ
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    HR management centre from headquarter conducts “effective skill for communication” training to 60 related people to improve communication efficiency for inside department as well as between the departments on 19th of April.
    Mr Liu xingang, deputy direct of HR center, gave the first speech for training. He said the human resource is the same important as customer relationship, while communication is the base. Only improve the communication skill, they can do the half work with double results and play team cooperation at work. He also encouraged the staff ” active learning, happy working”.
    Following “communication starts from heart” as the core of training, Mr Ran yunfan who is from Wuxi Huarui enterprise management consultant company gives the lecture. He develops his lecture by 5 sections combining with typical cases and stressing on analysis of the way and skills for communication 
    Section one: Communication and management communication. The main points are the importance of team communication, as well as the issues existing in management communication. 
    Section Two: communication barriers. With combining the case he vividly analyzed the barriers impact on visual, mood, language, atmosphere, industry, benefit etc.  
    Section Three: Understand how to communication, and obtain excellent personal relationship. Communication is a kind of attitude rather than an easy skill, which need sincerely communication between the people. 
    Section Four: Well know the way of communication, and achieve better management. Learning how to listen and compliment are especially important in communication. No matter the regulators or the regulated, both of them need to be listened. Listening is also the feedback of information. Compliment is more to be needed when you communicate with customers, which is a kind of approval and best way to the ice break in one conversation. 
    Section Five: Achieve excellent organization by building a communication bridge. He specifically and deeply explained the skill of how to communication with the people of your  subordinates, your boss, equal and trans-department.
    Trainees enhanced the understanding for importance of communication, and mastered bottleneck and skills that should be attention in one conversation through this training, which provided theory basis for internal communication in future, and it is help to improve the daily cooperation and efficiency by the employees contributing continuous, healthy and stable development for the company.
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