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Mr Caokebo was interviewed by Mr Xi jinping, the President of PRC
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    Mr Cao kebo, who is a chairman of the chamber of commerce for Wuxi in Germany, the chairman of board for Jiangnan Mould &Plastic Technology Company, as well as the member of Sino-Germany economic advisory committee, was interviewed as a representative of Sino- Germany entrepreneur by Mr Xi jinping who is the president of PRC during he visited in Germany.
    As the first president of Wuxi chamber of commerce in Germany which was established in September 2013, Mr Cao kebo gave the advise on how to do the culture integration in the transnational investment and merger for both Chinese and Germany companies in the forum that afternoon which paid high attention by the high level leadership of both sides.
    At that night, Mr Cao kebo, as well other members from Sion-Germany industrial and commercial hold a grand banquet for President Xi jinpin. Before the banquet, President Xi jinpin kindly met Mr Cao kebo and other representatives of Sino-Germany entrepreneur, and took photos together.
    With the headquarter located in Jiangyin, Jiangnan Mould &Plastic company is the biggest exterior trimming parts service supplier for automobile in China, which is the long term cooperation partner with Mercedes-Benz and BMW and they have high technical research and development center in Germany. Moreover, By the way of cooperating with cardiac and diabetes center of Nordrhein-westfalen in Germany that is the biggest cardiac and diabetes treatment center in Europe, MSKJ invested 100million Euro to build Wuxi MingCi Hospital.  Mr Cao kebo, the president of Wuxi chamber of commerce in Germany, expressed that as the representative of numerous middle and small-sized enterprises which have oversea business, he will not only actively contribute his effort into the development for Sion-Germany economical cooperation, but also continuously to introduce the construction and society economic development status of Wuxi city to the leaders of Germany and persons of business circles.

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