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“2013 MSKJ Cup” opening race for amateur tennis in Jiangyin
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     2013 MSKJ Cup”-Jiangyin amateur tennis match has been successfully held in tennis court of lotus sports center. The match was sponsored by Jiangyin tennis association and about 20 players from different enterprises located in Jiangyin attended this match.
     Each player put their heart and soul into this match with bright and valiant looking. After one day intense competition, first, second and third prizes were produced. Yumin and Han shanshu won the two-person group champion. Through this match, every competitor not only exchanged competition experience for improving the skill, but also enriched their life for spare time. Mr Sun, director of Jiangyin tennis association, complimented that the players had beat out the Jiangyin tennis style showing the hard fighting spirits of Jingyin tennis amateur players.    
     It is understood that tennis is a sport with graceful and furious. 4 sentences can descript the history and development for tennis: Breeding in French, born in England, it popularize and become climax in America, but now it is prevail through the whole world, which be known as second ball games in the world.
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