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Speed and passion unity and struggle-2013 friendly match between MSKJ and No. 95 military team
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    2013 friendly match between MSKJ and No. 95 militar team was held in stadium of Zhouzhuang middle school on 19th November. Mr Robert Cao, chairman of MSKJ , invited Mr Prof. Koerfer who is the chairman of MuechenGladbach club , one of famous football teams in German, to watch the whole match.
    The game kicked off with a sound of whistle by the judge at 5:30 in the afternoon under slogan from many audiences. No. 95 military team had obviously advantage for well trained, strong and vigorous in the flighting of the beginning, while MSKJ team didn’t give any impression of weakness, which they quickly adapted to the playing field, striving for the ball hardly, cooperating more and more tacit
    The two teams came in a stalemate, which every splendid moment raised full enthusiasm time to time. Percussion sound, whoops covered the whole playing field with the slogan”MSKJ, create a good result” ,”go for it! Come on !” . With running ,blocking up, surpassing, shooting ,No. 95 military team relaying on ingenious cooperation successfully opened the gate by taking a lead in shooting the ball. The whole field suddenly  boiling  when the ball shot into the gate.
    Finally, No. 95 military team won the game with the score of 3:1. It was a kind of victory that MSKJ team can attend this competition under work stress, though they lose the game, which just like comment from No.95 military team after the game finished”It is surprise for us that MSKJ team as a temporary team can perform such high level football skill, which is also show the strong vitality for a company. And we believe that the future for MSKJ is glorious and splendid. ”
    It held a brief employed ceremony after the game finished. Mr Robert Cao, the chairman of the company, awarded offer of chief coach for MSKJ football team to Mr Prof. Koerfer.
    This activity achieve complete success. All people felt the cohesive force and appeal of team work on the playing field, which the spirits of unify and struggle will last forever. We have reason to believe that MSKJ will step towards wider field under Mr Robert Cao’s lead.

Mr Prof. Koerfer and MuechenGladbach club
MuechenGladbach club is located in MuechenGladbach city of Rhine-westphalia state which is in north of Germany, west to Rhine reiver. It was established on 1st of August in 1900. As a top football club in west Germany area, Gladbach had won champion of UEFA Cup 2 times, German Bundesliga 5times and champion of German Cup 3 times.
MrProf.koerfer is current chairman of MuechenGladbach club. 

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