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In 1988-10        company won the bid of tender for Shanghai Volkswagen co., Ltd., and became an exclusive designated factory for Santana bumper. 

In1989-09        In September of 1989, with batch supplying for Shanghai Volkswagen, Company became one of localized community governing units for Shanghai Volkswagen. 
In 1997-2-28    On 28th Feb 1997,Company listed on Shenzheng stock exchange. 
In 2000-03       Company changed the name as Jiangnan Mould & Plastic Technology Co.,Ltd ,JNMPT for short, the stock code is "000700" 

In 2002-01        In January 2002, Shanghai Mingchen Mould & Plastic Technology Co.,Ltd was established.  

In 2003-06       JNMPT participated in setting up Jiangnan Water Co.,Ltd and hold 20.4% shares.
In 2003-09        In August 2003, JNMPT established Wuhan Mingjie Mould & Plastic Technology Co.,Ltd 
In 2004-01        In January of 2004, JNMPT established Shenyang Minghua Mould & Plastic Technology Co.,Ltd.  

In 2006-07        Yantai Mingyue Mould & Plastic Technology Co.,Ltd was established.    

In 2008-06        JNMPT set up joint venture company which called Beijing Beiqi Mould & Plastic Technology Co.,Ltd with Beijing Hainachuan Automobile Parts Co.,Ltd.  

In 2010-04        In April of 2010,JNMPT established Jiangyin DIHAG Casting Co., Ltd with Germany DIHAG Casting Company which marks JNMPT enter into new energy field.
In 2012-04        In Apr of 2012, JNMPT hold all share for Jiangyin DIHAG Casting Co., Ltd and changed the name into Jiangyin DeGiTec Casting Co., Ltd at the same time.

In 2012-09        Beijing new plant went into operation in September 2012 which specially supplies for Benz series.

In 2013-04        Wuxi Hongyi real estate limited company which is the subsidiary holding company of MSKJ invested and established a high end as well large- scale general hospital –WuxiMingci  cardiovascular disease hospital in April 2013.

In 2013-05        Wuxi Hoongyi real estate limited company would manage the company by wholly owned holding when they acquired 100% stock equity from Jiangyin Mould& Plastics Group and Jiangyin Daoda Automotive trim company in May 2013.

In 2013-12        American Milacron Company acquired 18% stock equity hold by MSKJ in December 2013, which means MSKJ will not have Milacron related stock equity any more after the this equity transfer.

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