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Talent Concept: Introduction and Cultivation, integration and toleration, consideration and assessment, realizing human capital appreciation

     We are fully convinced that enterprise competition in the near future will focus on the talent competition.  We should have the philosophy of look-ahead investment in human capital, which means to introduce talents in various fields from the whole world according to the company’s development direction and strategic emphasis. Meanwhile, laying equal stress on internal training and external introduction to contribute to a talent team with cultural identity, intelligence and virtue, high loyalty and professional proficiency. The competitive core team will be cultivated in the long term and the friendly cooperation will be established so as to form human resources advantage and promote enterprise development. 

    JMPT advocates talent fusion, including different areas, new and seasoned employees, diverse ideas and various backgrounds. It is the identification and fusion of the company culture by the new employees that form the basis of long-term cooperation; we advocate the fusion of new and seasoned employees, encouraging seasoned employees to train and help those new employees; tolerance to a large extent for professionals with different backgrounds and personalities is also advocated, allowing them to show their own personalities on the premise of cultural identity and impelling them to integrate with the company culture.

    In addition to build potential advantage of talents, it’s also necessary to construct the environment which helps our talents to improve themselves. Besides caring for the talents, we will give them certain stress, by the system of survival of the fittest, to stimulate the talents’ potential. Accordingly, we shall perfect and strengthen all incentive and assessment mechanisms, including mechanism of bonus, position competency assessment, performance assessment, elimination of the last and the rotation of management, so as to optimize our talent team and improve the quality of talents continuously.     

We firmly believe that the talent is the capital. We will make reasonable use of human resources and give full play to their potential through the effective talent management mechanism to improve investment return of human resources and realize its appreciation.

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