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MPT launch listed company standarized operation training
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  On 21st October, the company’s directors, supervisors, senior managers and financial managers from branches had been organized to get training about the listed company standardized operation at the meeting room of business hotel 6th floor.
  Host by the Board Secretary ShanChenYan, security law experts were invited to act as the main lecturer to make professional explanation and initiate discussion about the awareness and specification of listed company’s standardized operation. First of all, the chairman of the board CaoKeBo made a conclusion about the development of the company after listed on the Shenzhen Stock Exchange, affirmed the achievements completed and had great expectation for the future development; secondly, the lecturer had reviewed the requirements issued by security regulatory commission and made some case analysis. At last, the Board Secretary passed on the regulatory requirement issued by the security regulatory commission and security market rules. In the meeting, anticipants interacted with the lecturer well, which enhanced the understanding and comprehension.
  With the training, the senior management team had got a better understanding about the macroeconomic policy, which provide useful reference for making decisions; and also make management place more emphasis on the operation safety awareness which in turn enhance the administration level.
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