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Admin & HR Seminar
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  For the purpose of setting up a platform for collaborating between headquarter and branches, carrying out corporate culture, and ascending operating levels, a seminar on Admin and HR of MPT was held on April 1st and 2nd at Jiangnan Business Building under the leadership of President Cao Kebo. Over 30 people took part in the seminar.
  MPT Admin & HR communication conference was held on April 1st, the topics included controlling and prevention of staff wastage, talents team building, corporate culture construction and safety management etc. At first, all participants were divided into three groups and expressed own opinions, the seminar lasted for 4 hours. All groups reached a consensus on the topics. Then, each group sent one representative to make a speech and shared ideas. At the same time, each group suggested on general characteristics of administration, HR, safety management. In the end, Mr. Han Ming Rui who is JMPT executive president of Admin & HR fully evaluated the discussion fruits and summed up the seminar, he also addressed about strategy plan in the coming years and the objects of HR in 2011 from the strategic point,.
  April 2nd: Professional skills training and discussion. Mr. Wei Hao Zheng (who is the expert on local labor law, staff relation management, human cost and enterprise risk controlling) was invited to train on the social insurance law implementation, enterprise risk control. The orientation includes the background of new social insurance law, three breakthroughs, five sections about social insurance, industrial injury, and tax evasion on social insurance. The training aimed at new social insurance law which implemented on July 1st 2011, analyzed operating skills with case studying, providing guidance for the company to get fully adapted to the implementation of new law.
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