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Mr. Cao Kebo was invited to attend BMW Supplier Day
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  On Sep. 7, 2010, BMW Supplier Day was held in Shenyang. Mr. Olaf Kastner who is president & CEO BMW Brilliance Automotive Ltd., and Mr. Philip Christian Eller who is senior Vice President Purchasing and Supplier Network Asia BMW Group, and other top management, responsible persons who are in charge of international Purchasing Asia Pacific, international purchasing China, X1 project, BMW new 3-Series, engine project and more than 300 representatives of 130 suppliers participated in the conference. Mr. Cao Kebo who is president and general manager of Jiangnan Mould & Plastic Technology Co.,Ltd was invited to attend.
  During the conference, BMW top management and project leaders analyzed and discussed on the production, progress of new 3-series localization, cooperation planning with Mr. Cao Kebo. They encouraged on the idea of expanding and strengthening the market of automotive parts.
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